Saturday, January 19, 2013

When Brazilian Trans Women Are Being Murdered, That IS An Insulting Comment

"We are angry with ourselves for not being happier, not being loved properly and not having the ideal body shape – that of a Brazilian transsexual."    Suzanne Moore

That was the line that started the whole international kerfluffle.   While Moore's piece was originally about sexism and the things that make pwomen angry, what made transwomen angry was the 'Brazilian transsexuals' line.  

Then her transphobic partners in crime Bindel and Burchill in their zeal to defend her poured more gasoline on the raging fire with their transphobic insults, with Burchill's bordering in hate speech territory.

There are far too many cis people saying that the trans community shouldn't have been offended by Moore's line.  Well, first of all it is not up to you cis people to decide for a marginalized group like trans people what is and isn't offensive to them.

Yes, Brazilian transsexuals going back to Roberta Close are some of the most beautiful women on the planet.  Lea T, Carol Marra and Felipa Tavares are continuing to walk in Roberta's pumps and rock fashion runways around the planet along with other trans models..  

But the reason that comment was considered insulting by many of us in the international trans community was for a dynamic we painfully know is not getting much mainstream news coverage.

When the memorial names lists were read during the 2012 TDOR events around the world, 100 of the names that were read of our transsisters who lost their lives due to anti-trans violence were from Brazil.   Judging by the early 2013 news blurbs I read concerning trans murders tracked by various trans bloggers around the world, seems like the trans haters down in Brazil are trying to exceed last year's total.

Cecilia Marahouse, the Brazilian trans woman I have pictured in this post was shot multiple times in Fortaleza, Brazil back on January 11 while these British feminists were ranting and disrespecting trans people justifiably upset about their stank comments.

It is over 40 years of anti-trans hate screeds that have created and stoked the climate of transphobic hate aimed at transwomen.   That hate greases the skids for these near genocidal level of murders.aimed at our trans sisters, and you cisprivileged whyte womyn don't care 

Thank God trans people around the world and our allies do.

So yes, when you make an out of context reference to Brazilian transwomen, it IS insulting.   And don't get an attitude or start crying white women's tears when transpeople around the world call you out on it.

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planet trans said...

The conservitive anglican Episcople church moved its affliation to the 'southern cone' in Brazil. The country has become a magnet for vermin like them.