Thursday, January 10, 2013

'Scandal' New Episode Tonight

All my friends and family are quite aware of how much I love the ABC show Scandal.   I love it to the point they don't even bother trying to call me between 9-10 PM CT on Thursdays because I'm busy watching Kerry Washington, Columbus Short and 'errbody' else on the show.

But like the rest of Scandal watching America, I wanna know 'What the Huck' is going on in terms of who really shot President Grant?  I want to know if Olivia's second go around with Edison is going to last, if Cyrus has discovered that James has figured out that the election was stolen, and the other drama surrounding the White House and Pope and Associates.

It's rumored that Scandal has already been given a third season, but haven't seen any official announcement yet concerning that or the number of episodes ordered. 

But while myself and other Scandal fans are waiting for that, I'll enjoy tonight's episode.

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