Saturday, January 05, 2013

TPOCC 2013 New Year's Message


And we're off!!!
Just weeks ago we stood with LGBT leaders at the White House and vowed to make 2012 the last year in U.S. history where our Trans & Gender Non-Conforming brothers and sisters would be treated like second class citizens.
We meant it!
This year, with your help we plan to continue our fight for justice in every area disproportionately affecting our black and brown people.
Now, we can't do it alone.
Just as I testified before the Senate & asked for the passing of ENDA, I'm asking you for your continued support and donations to the Trans People of Color Coalition.
You can stand in solidarity with us today by pledging a monthly donation of either
$20.13 or $13 to ring in the new year. And of course, if you can give more, we
appreciate every penny.

Warmest Regards,
Kylar W. Broadus, Esq.
Executive Director
Trans People of Color Coalition
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©2013 Trans People Of Color Coalition | National Headquarters, Washington, DC 20012

TransGriot Note: Photo is of TPOCC Executive Director Kylar Broadus and Steering Committee member Cecilia Chung attending the 2012  LGBT Reception at the White House. (Courtesy Photo) TPOCC wishes you unity & prosperity & look forward to working with you in this new year!

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