Thursday, January 24, 2013

It's Not 'Unwarranted Bitching' To Point Out Trans Peeps Weren't Mentioned In The POTUS' Speech

One of the snide comments that is coming from elements of the gay and lesbian community in the wake of the President Obama's historic speech and trans folks pointing out we weren't mentioned in the speech is we need to stop engaging in as this person put it, 'unwarranted bitching'.

Hmm, the rainbow scented cisprivilege is strong with you, isn't it? 

It's not 'unwarranted bitching', it's the trans community speaking an unpalatable truth that y'all GL peeps want to deflect by handing out rainbow flag wrapped white chocolate candy bars and trying to denigrate us for pointing out the obvious. 

Transpeople also spent time, effort and precious money in 2012 getting this president elected to a second term.

It would have meant a lot to the trans community if we had heard our president echo what Vice President Biden said during the campaign about the trans movement being the civil rights issue of our time or just acknowledging we exist in the 60th anniversary year of Christine Jorgensen returning from Denmark to New York.  .  

Rev. David Weekly also had this to say about the trans community feeling politically Left Behind again at his Sherman's Wilderness blog

I do not know the person who made this comment. I do not know what letter of the TLGBQIA population describes him, if any. What I do know is that I remember and participated in raging protests and marches with the gay and lesbian community for decades over similar frustrations about exclusion and discrimination. I have preached inclusivity in every church I ever served. I have marched in Pride parades, phone-banked for Marriage Equality, and protested and testified during legislative sessions in more than one state house. I listened to friends lament the secret support of other administrations, who hired gay and lesbian staff under a “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy. It was not enough for them, either. This time around, I am grateful my gay and lesbian friends have a President willing to claim them by name, out loud, and proud.

And this is my point. Friends are proud to name one another. Friends stand-up for each other, defend one another, and protect each other from harm. While I well understand the consequences of political fall-out from being too progressive, too inclusive, and too far ahead of our current culture; I still do not feel good about the word “transgender” being left out. This is not “unwarranted bitching:” this is grief.

Check out the post here.

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