Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Shut Up Fool Awards 4th Anniversary

One of the features on this blog that you readers have come to know and love is my weekly Trans Shut Up Fool awards in which I shine a bright spotlight on hypocrisy, stupidity, and jaw dropping ignorance..

January 30, 2009 was the first time I selected a Shut Up Fool winner, and that week's first selection was Juan Williams    

The weekly SUF feature has taken a life of its own and begat the Shut Up Fool of the Year Awards that I pass out on New Year's Eve and the upcoming Shut Up Fool Lifetime Achievement Awards.

During Oscars weekend I select five people or groups and retire them from weekly SUF award consideration unless they do something so breathtakingly jacked up I just have to call them out on it.  .

I also thank those of you who hit me up on my FB page or send me e-mail with examples of fools I should highlight during the week that I may have missed. 

happy anniversary, Shut Up Fool Awards.   As long as this blog exists and there are fools to call out, I'll be doing it every Friday without fail.

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