Monday, January 21, 2013

Our Struggle

TransGriot Note: Guest post by Denise Norris that needs to go up on King Day 2013.   Loved the video too.

First and foremost our struggle is about Gender Expression Diversity - the equality to express our gender identity as we see fit to do so. It is a struggle we have faced since King Josiah conveniently discovered new Mosaic laws under the Temple and created a state-sponsored gender binary to suppress the gender expression diversity of the Assyrian and Babylonian cultures.

Secondly, our struggle is to spread the awareness that Transgender is about Transcending Gender and not simply a replacement word for 'transsexual' or for 'cross-dresser'. All people should be allowed to transcend the gender binary without discrimination or harassment by those who surrender to its mundane comforts.

Lastly, our struggle is against the destructive effects of the social stigmatization which occurs simply because we transcend gender. The waste of human spirit and talent because of gender expression stigmatization is tragic and could so easily be avoided.

Above all, it is this last point that is the primary motivation for our struggle - to prevent more lives from being needlessly twisted and broken by gender expression stigmatization.

Denise A Norris
20 Jan 2013

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