Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Look Who's Crying White Women's Tears Now

It's been a rough two weeks for radical feminism 

First they start some crap in Britain, and when people justifiably called Suzanne Moore's butt out on it they predictably rush to her defense, start spewing even more transphobic sewage and then start crying white women's tears when the negative reaction rolls in.

Now the scene has shifted to our side of the Pond.  

Gallus Mag who heads the waste of transphobic bandwith known as Gender Tender attacked Janet Mock by posting a copyrighted picture of her and plastering an insultingly misgendering caption on it.

Janet found out about it and asked for it to be removed.  They did, but doubled down on the disrespect.  They replaced it with a screengrab of her from an MSNBC appearance, kept the caption and stuck her old name on it.

Little did they know that violation of terms of service complaints had been filed with WordPress by other parties over the longtime virulent transphobic hate speech posted there.   When GallusMag tweeted that she couldn't access her hatemongering blog and claimed her computer hard drive had been wiped out, the conspiracy theories in Whyte Radfem Womyn Land started going into overdrive and the crying white women's tears commenced.

Gallus Mag complained to a certain Maryland based trans oppressor and accused Janet of trying to get her hate site shut down.   Predictably that trans oppressor poured more gasoline on the fire by compiling one her usual facts free blog posts that I'm not linking to, tweeting it, and then Roseanne Barr's transphobic behind jumps into the fray shouting 'censorship'.

Only reason this didn't blow up because Janet had more class than the cadre of vanillacentric cisprivileged radfems starting this ish and asked her followers not to respond to the obvious transphobic provocation.

But the bottom line in this story is they not only will stoop to any level to attack transwomen, it's past time that the Southern Poverty Law Center declare trans exclusionary radical feminists as a hate group.

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