Friday, January 25, 2013

Another Record TransGriot Hit Day!

January 23, 2013 was a big day for me on this blog.   I had 8999 people surf over to TransGriot to check out the post that contains the 'Sadie's Dream For The World ' essay she wrote.   

That is now the second highest total of people I've ever had to visit this blog all time.  It is only exceeded by the 9678 of you that did so on April 3, 2012.  

As a matter of fact, at the moment I'm compiling this post that essay alone has been read by over 5700 people since I posted it on January 22.  

The Thanks, Sadie! post has drawn another 800 people and counting to the blog to read it.

Thank you Sadie once again for speaking your mind and your unabashed pride in being a girl like us. Our community could use a lot more adult girls like us with your courage to stand tall for themselves and the trans community.  I have no doubts you achieve some fantastic things when you get older.  

Sage, as her proud mom for you, thank you and Sadie for allowing me to post it so that Sadie's words got the now national and international attention they deserved.

Thank you TransGriot readers who continue to tell me from time to time how much you appreciate what I do here.  I couldn't have achieved that number two all time high without y'all taking time out of your busy days to check out what I write here.  

And trust me, there's more thought provoking commentary to come before this year is concluded. 

TransGriot Update:  January 24 was another record day with 8573 people surfing by the blog.  That's now my third highest all time traffic day.

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