Friday, January 11, 2013

Shoot At A Black Transwoman, Get Out Of Jail Free

Been keeping up with the ongoing story of Kenneth Furr, the inebriated Washington DC cop who while off duty shot at a group of Black transwomen and their friends.after one refused his unwanted advances in a NW Washington CVS drugstore back in August 2011. 

He was convicted back on October 27 of assault with a deadly weapon and soliciting prostitution. Furr had been suspended without pay from Washington Metro PD pending resolution of this ugly incident in which two of the transwomen were wounded and one of the wounded men was hospitalized. .

Furr was facing up to 10 years in jail and another 90 days for the solicitation charge, but I'll bet you can guess what happened during the sentencing phase yesterday.   .

Furr was sentenced to 60 months in jail with 46 months of it suspended.  That left 14 months of his jail time to be served, and isn't it convenient that is the exact amount of time Furr has already served in the Iron Bar Motel.    Long story short, Furr got to walk out a free man.

The DC Trans Coalition was understandably outraged about the jacked up sentence. 

“This result is the product of a legal system that constantly devalues trans people’s lives,” said DC Trans Coalition member Jason Terry. “Officer Furr’s defense team actively sought to portray the victims as somehow deserving of this violence, and apparently they succeeded. If roles had been reversed and a trans woman had gotten drunk and flashed a gun at a police officer, the results would be drastically different.” It is important to note that Furr was convicted only of flashing a weapon at two gay men involved in the incident, not for shooting at the trans women and others involved.

“Officer Furr exemplifies why this fear exists,” said Terry. “DC’s trans communities face blatant discrimination, harassment, and violence from police officers every day, yet when an officer drunkenly shoots at trans people, accountability seems to disappear.”

Yep, the justice just-us system just sent another unspoken message to the Black trans community in the District and all those who hate us inside I-495.   Shoot at a Black transwoman, and get out of jail free for doing so if you go to jail at all.  

TransGriot Update: Furr got three years of supervised probation, a $150 fine, and 100 hours of community service...whoopee (sarcasm meter on maximum)

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