Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Saying No To Soccer Racism

Been talking about from time to time in various TransGriot soccer related posts about the now decade old FIFA Say No To Racism campaign that has the ambitious goal of eradicating racism from international football matches. 

Racism still rears its ugly head in matches like it did during the recent UEFA Euro 2012 tournament but you have more superstar players and national teams working harder to condemn and eradicate it than silently condoning the boorish behavior of their fans.

They are doing so not only from a personal distaste with what is happening in international football, but face a situation in which the club in question or national organization can get fined, suspended from FIFA sanctioned international tournaments or have both penalties happen for not expeditiously doing so.  

Something amazing happened at a recent match.   AC Milan player Kevin-Prince Boateng hears some wastes of DNA shouting racist chants at him, punts the ball into the stands and walks off the pitch.  

Boateng is not alone.  He is joined in his walk off the pitch by his teammates and players from the entire opposing team. 

How cool is that?   It starts at the 0:09 second mark in the video.

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