Friday, January 11, 2013

Shut Up Fool Awards-Good Luck Kylan Edition!

Well, to my surprise it didn't take us long to have an American trans woman attempt to compete and win Miss Universe.

26 year old Kylan Arianna Wenzel is the first ever out transwoman to compete in the Miss California USA pageant and any statewide pageant in the Miss USA-Miss Universe system.

She joins 228 other California girls tomorrow in trying to survive the first day and become one of the 20 semifinalists who will compete for the Miss California USA title on Sunday at the Pasadena Convention Center.

Good luck in your pageant title quest Kylan and know that girls like us around the country and the world are rooting for you.

Now since it's Friday, time to highlight another competition that happens on this blog without fail, and that's determining what fool, fool or group of fools will walk away with this week's Shut up Fool award..

Yes our fools runneth over this week, and here's the top three beofre we get to this week's winner.

Honorable mention number one goes to gun nut Alex Jones.  He became the poster child for all of us want sensible gun regulations when he went ballistic (pun intended) on Piers Morgan's CNN show.  He's been pimping a petition to have Piers deported that has garnered over 100,000 signatures.

You know what the White House's official response was...same as yours and mine would be.

Honorable mention number two is Matt Barber, who hypocritically tried to hijack the African-American Civil Rights movement to bash the LGBT rights movement and project what he was doing on the LGBT rights movement.  

It is “so offensive to me” and his many African American friends that “sexual anarchists” have “cynically co-opted and hijacked the language of the very, very noble civil rights movement and applied it to their disordered lifestyle.”said Barber

“The civil rights era, the true civil rights fight is pretty much over,” Barber later argued, rather astoundingly.
“So people want to be part of something bigger than themselves, they want to feel like they’re doing something important, so they cynically manipulate people and use the language of civil rights in order to dupe well-meaning young people into a cause that is contrary to freedom and facilities a lifestyle that is emotionally, spiritually destructive and doesn’t do society any good either.”

Oookay, Matt.   .

Honorable mention number three is Connecticut State Rep DebraLee Hovey (R)  who represents the Newtown, CT and Monroe areas, loudly said 'Stay out of my towns' to former US Rep Gabrielle Giffords who was there to meet with relatives of those slain during the December 14 Sandy Hook massacre.

Hovey in her rush to condemn it as a 'political visit' forgot that Gabby Giffords is a survivor of and is still recovering from a mass shooting of her own in Tucson that passed its two year anniversary earlier this week. 

Hovey apologized, but the politcal damage inside and outside the state of Connecticut may have already been done.  Hopefully I'll be writing about ex-state Rep. Hovey soon since that area did go blue in the last election cycle.

And this week's Shut Up Fool award is a group one that goes to the 67 Republican House reps who hypocritically voted against Hurricane Sandy relief money for the New Jersey, New York and Connecticut areas affected by the storm and still trying to recover from it.  

For all you Sandy 67 members from the Deep South and the Gulf and Atlantic coasts, remember karma is a rhymes with itch because hurricane and tornado season is coming.

And I hope you remember that on November 4, 2014.

Sandy 67, shut up fools! 


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