Sunday, January 06, 2013

First Sunday Of The Year

Today is the first Sunday of the 52 we get every year whether or not it's a leap year.  

Some of you will choose to spend it in your chosen house of worship. Some of you will choose to spend it visiting or hanging out with family or friends. 

Some of you will choose to spend it doing whatever it is that makes you happy. whether it's watching a sporting event, participating in one or curling up with a good book  Some of you will just spend the day relaxing in whatever form that takes..

And some of you will choose to spend it contemplating how this year that it now six days old will turn out.

None of us including the TransGriot will know how this year will transpire until we turn the calendar page to December 31, 2013.   But what we can do is handle the thing we can control to make it a great year.

All we can control is the person in the mirror.  We can work on building up that person's strengths, eliminating their weaknesses, and making them the best human being they can be.  

If we are girls or boys like us, we have the added concerns of dealing with and eradicating the effects of the unholy trinity of shame, fear and guilt that plague us.   And that's a 24/7/365 job

But it's a job we are more than capable of handling on this first Sunday of the year, the other six days of the week, and beyond.

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