Friday, January 11, 2013

2013 TTNS Dates And Location

One of my favorite events I like attending that happens here is the Texas Transgender Non Discrimination Summit   Haven't missed one since I returned home in May 2010 and won't have any excuse this year either.

Been advised of the location and dates for the fifth annual TTNS, and it will be happening on the University of Houston campus July 19-21, 2013 at UH's Roy Cullen Bldg.

Last year's TTNS happened at UH-Clear Lake and included for the first time a Trans Health Summit pre-conference event conducted by TENT, the  Transgender Education Network of Texas.  

If you're wishing to help gain transgender human rights coverage at Texas colleges and universities in their institutional policies, or seeking to learn more about the Texas transgender community, this is the event for you to attend.

If you are a member of the trans community or one of our enthusiastic allies, the welcome mat is rolled out for you and you are cordially invited to attend this annual strategy sharing summit chock full of informative seminars, presentations and inspiring keynote speeches.

And oh yeah, can't forget the chocolate break.  

You'll also make connections with those persons in the Houston area and around the state already doing this work. Learn from their successes and experiences. Gain insight and create a supportive network of interested like-minded individuals,activists and academics. 

You'll learn what works and what doesn't in changing policy on campuses to protect transgender faculty, staff, students, and allies as was recently done at SMU, and what Texas schools currently have those policies.

The TTNS website is being updated and relaunched soon, so when it officially comes online I will post the link to it and other information.  I'll also keep you TransGriot readers updated as to keynote speakers and other TTNS related info as I receive it.

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