Friday, April 29, 2011

Why A Lot Of Black People Are Pissed About The Birth Certificate Release

It's taken me a day to calm down about the disgusting travesty I and other African Americans were forced to watch a few days ago.    The first African American president was forced to release his long form birth certificate basically because a bunch of white people are pissed that he is the fully elected president of ths country and are knee deep in their usual nullification tactics to delegitimize his presidency and try to make him a one termer.

All you did was ensure that we'll be out in force on November 6, 2012  voting to ensure he gets a second term despite your preemptive strike attempts to suppress our right to vote.

Goldie Taylor of theGrio encapsulates better than I can right now why I and a lot of African-Americans are pissed.

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