Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Brittany Novotny Elected President Of Young Democrats Of Oklahoma

Y'all know that I have mad love for Brittany Novotny, who took on homophobic/transphobic Oklahoma state Rep. Sally Kern in the last election cycle in a memorable campaign during the 2010 election cycle but unfortunately lost.

Well, we have some Brittany news that we need to cheer. 

Novotny was just elected president of the Young Democrats of Oklahoma, and in the process has become the first out trans person to be elected the president of ANY state chapter of that organization.

As these legislative battles for trans rights are proving, we are going to need our own people involved in the legislative process, and one of the ways we we make that a reality is to become involved with the party organizations in the various locales in which we live.

Congratulations Brittany, proud of you!

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