Friday, April 22, 2011

TransGirl Diaries-The TS-Si Guide To Womanhood Cartoon

I love the trans themed web cartoons at Trans Girl Diaries, and one had me laughing my butt off that deserves to be signal boosted. 

I've written about or verbally pimp slapped the ubermenschen at TS-Si and other Transsexual Taliban hate sites since this blog started.    I reject their SRS=transsexual=woman doctrine that they pimp and the sneering classist vanilla scented racism that goes with it.

In the process, I've become the transwoman they love to hate.  

I can't help it that I was blessed with the intelligence to eviscerate their weak assed hate filled screeds, look better in a dress and heels than they do, have trans and cis girlfriends who love and respect me, an award winning blog and an IFGE Trinity award on my shelf.

And point of order for your transsexual separatist echo chamber, I AM all that and four bags of chips.   If I wasn't y'all wouldn't be spending every waking moment hatin' on me.    

I don't care enough about you to hate you ubermenschen back.  I just pity you wannabe radical lesbian feminist fools.

But enough talking about those wastes of DNA.   I loved the latest offering from TransGirl Diaries that perfectly illustrates the underlying thought processes that undergird the TS-Si posts.   If you don't have surgery, you aren't a 'true transsexual' and you are a 'man'.

Okay, so what about transmen?    Hatin' on the transguys is Lynn 'Dirt' Baker's department

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