Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Showdown On Elm Street

In a few hours we'll find out if the trans residents of Dallas County, Texas will have their employment rights protected in the county non discrimination policy like the GL folks were back in March.

A County Order is part the Commissioners Court business that kicks off at 9 AM CDT, and it should be a packed house to witness this event. 

If you can attend, please do so because we can presume the haters will be there in force.   Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins wants you to be at the County Administration building located at 411 Elm St. for what could be a historic day. 

We'll find out if they have and who the elusive third vote is to pass this.  .

If you want to remind those commissioners one more time to do the right thing and add gender identity to the non discrimination policy or thank Judge Jenkins and Commissioner Garcia for their hard work on this issue, as always, be nice and respectful while doing so.

County Judge Clay Jenkins – 214-653-7949
Email: Clay.Jenkins@DallasCounty.org
Dist. 1 Maurine Dickey – 214-653-7552
Email: Maurine.Dickey@DallasCounty.org
Dist. 2 Mike Cantrell – 214-653-6100
Email: MCantrell@DallasCounty.org
Dist. 3 John Wiley Price – 214-653-6671
Email: John.Price@DallasCounty.org
Dist. 4 Dr. Elba Garcia – 214-653-6670
Email: Elba.GarciaDDS@DallasCounty.org

Y'all need to do the right thing for Andy Moreno, Ms T-DART and other trans residents of Dallas County and pass this addition to the policy.    We are (or soon will be in Ms. Moreno's case) tax paying residents of Dallas County.

And yes, may I remind you we vote too.

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