Thursday, April 14, 2011

IFGE Capital Conference On Hiatus

If you've perused my blog archives, you'll note I had a post concerning last year's IFGE Conference in Washington, DC that posted the dates for the 2011 IFGE event as taking place from April 14-17.

It's one of my fave conferences because in addition to being open to the general public and our allies, it has informative seminars, I enjoyed interacting with people from across the trans community at the event, and I loved browsing the vendor area and picking up whatever Tapestry magazines or trans themed books were missing from my collection. 

This year's conference as I noted in the opening paragraph would have been the 25th edition of it and was supposed to kick off today and run through April 17.   But with IFGE in the midst of reorganizing itself as a (c)4 organization, it decided to postpone the conference and all other IFGE programming, including the presentation of the IFGE Trinity Awards until 2012.


Well, those of us who love and respect what IFGE has done for our community in terms of fulfilling its mission to educate and inform the public about trans issues, we're going to miss not being able to hang out with you wonderful people and thank you for the yeoman's work you do on behalf of our community. 

We hope and pray that when you're done with the reorganization of IFGE, it comes out on the other side of it being a leaner, meaner and muscular organization poised to ably serve our next generation of transpeople and our allies.

May IFGE be around for its centennial year and beyond, and see you at the 2012 event.

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