Friday, April 22, 2011

Philly Police Advisory Commission To Subpoena Records In Nizah Morris Case

Interesting news coming out of Philadelphia.   According to the Philadelphia Gay News, the Police Advisory Commission has voted to subpoena the records on the Morris case from the District Attorney's office.  

Nizah Morris was  an African American transwoman who accepted a courtesy ride from the Philadelphia Police Department home from a downtown bar but instead was found bleeding from a head wound that she died from on Christmas Eve 2002.     There has never been a satisfactory explanation to people in the Philadelphia TBLG community as to what happened to Morris and leaders in the community are pleased with the PAC vote.

Kathleen Padilla said in the PGN interview, “I applaud the commissioners’ commitment to ensuring their review includes all available information in this very murky case. I’m disappointed the DA chose to force the PAC to subpoena records that are required to perform their oversight responsibilities.”

We can only hope that those DA records finally shed light on what really happened to Nizah that evening.

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