Thursday, April 21, 2011

TransGriot Nuke A Troll 11-Pimp Slapping An Islamophobe

The USS Monica is leaving home port and cruising the cyberseas once again. .

I've had a comment come in about my latest Saturday Sellout post featuring Herman Cain.

This person calling themselves Sootsme (love the way these conservafools won't proudly put their name to their BS)  had this to sayabout my portion of the Cain post noting his Islamophobia.

Um, sorry, Cain's position on Muslims in his administration is not a racial or religious issue, but a LEGAL one: Islam specifies treatment of women, gays, and others in ways that are ILLEGAL under our US Constitution and US Law; something that the left either misses or conveniently ignores. (at their peril, methinks) Muslims are permitted to lie to Infidels (that's me and maybe you, too) So much for the Oath to support the US Constitution that all US gov't employees are required to swear when they sign on. This crap has no business anywhere near our US government or our US courts. Period. Case closed. 

Now that i've finished laughing (cracks knuckles)  let's go to work pimp slapping this into oblivion.


Bullshit.  It has everything to do with race.   He's trying to play the more 'conservative than thou' card for starters so you bigoted Islamophobic white folks will vote for his azz assuming he runs for the GOP 2012 nomination.   . 

I find it an interesting and laughable contradiction that you conservafools would attack Islam for its widely varying views on women, TBLG civil rights and claim it is against the Constitution when you conservafools have acted to oppress women and TBLG people in anti constitutional ways since the 70's.

And here we go with you the spinning the concept of taqiyya..    It is an Arabic word that means concealing one’s faith out of fear of death, to mean religiously justified lying.  Not all Muslims subscribe to the theological concept of taqiyya, and contrary to the BS you conservafools pimp, in fact, it is a minority opinion.

Besides, nobody lies more or obsfuscates the truth moreso than you right wingers and right wing Christians, so don't even go there.  The last election cycle proved it once again.

I know at least one Muslim who publically took the oath to protect and defend the United States constitution and did it twice.   Google Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN)   He's the only Muslim member of Congress and took that oath while placing his hand on the Quran.   There are also millions of taxpaying Muslims who have no problem taking oaths to protect and defend the constitution as American citizens.  

Speaking of oaths, what the hell are you talking about in terms of your assertion that all government employees have to take an oath to defend the US Constitution?    Federal office holders and people entering military service take that oath, not government employees.        

Some of you right wing clowns since President Obama took the oath of office want to secede or only recognize portions of the Constitution.  

Thanks  for playing, and I have lovely parting gifts for you of a Quran and the US constitution.  Read them both before you come stepping to this blog with that Islamophobic BS ever again.

Oh yeah, duck and cover!

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