Tuesday, April 05, 2011

HB 235 Update-Kat Blasts The Incremental Progess Lie.

Kat Rose tells it like it T-I-S is again in terms of the latest twist in the  HB 235 saga.

The Maryland LGB (and that’s what it is; sorry Autumn and Yusef, but unless someone is hiding something, there are no T members of the Maryland Legislature) caucus is trying to pull a fast one.  Apparently, they’ve managed to bully the Rules Committee into aiding Morgan Meneses-Sheets’ last-ditch attempt to save her job disgorging HB235:

This latest ENDAblog post of hers deserve a signal boost 

And something else that deserves a signal boost.   If the HB 235 bill you're pimping will not harm the trans community, why would you feel the need to go on a full court press to scrub any trans commentary critical of it?

Can April 11 get here already? 

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