Wednesday, April 27, 2011

TransGriot Nuke A Troll 12-Misplaced Vanilla Flavored Outrage

The USS Monica wasn't in port long enough to give its crew liberty call before I had to take to the cyberseas again to whack somebody else who had a problem with a post

This time it was Vanessa, who had a profound lack of reading comprehension on my The Bathroom Predators Are Cis People post..

WTF does "white wing" have to do with it. It was black girls that did the beating. What a racist thing to say. OBVIOUSLY it isn't just "white wing" opponents. I am sure there are some black, upper level folk out there with the same views and as this video shows there are black people in the general public who feel the same way. The more I read your blog the more I think that you are a racist. This attack has nothing to do with white, black, or whatever. It has to do with humanity.

5...4..3...2...1  launch

Veronica, Veronica, Veronica.     Why are you getting your panties in a bunch over the fact Moni told it like it T-I-S is about the bathroom predator meme coming from white wing conservatives

It did, so deal with it..  If you aren't a 'white' wing conservative, why should that statement bother you unless you are one? 

Me and other Black bloggers never made it a secret that we have our right wing idiots, and transphobic haters. If you had bothered to look in this blog instead of engaging in conclusion jumping based on a failed vanilla scented premise over the opening sentence of my piece, you would have discovered like my long time readers I'm even harder on my own people about transphobic BS than y'all think I am about y'all

But at least we're honest about our phobes and call them out.   That's more than I can say for fauxgressive whites like you.

And Veronica my dear, time for a review of Sociology 101.   Racism does not equal to Black person calling out white 'peepul' on their BS as they tell y''all on Faux News, racism equals prejudice plus systemic power..

If I had a dollar (or somebody donated a dollar in my TransGriot tip jar) for every time trolls like you called me a 'racist' because I'm not 'scurred' to call out your vanilla scented bigotry and cluelessness in this blog on a regular basis, I'd be a millionaire.

If the attack had nothing to do with race, then why have we had an avalanche of racist comments aimed at the perpetrators of the crime from cis, trans and gay white people across the blogosphere referring to Teonna Brown in simian terms, denigrating African Americans in general, the city of Baltimore, et cetera?  

Umm hmm...that's what I thought.

About the only part of your comment I agree with is it's about humanity.   Damned skippy it us.   But the white part of humanity has unearned privilege and a consistent pattern that they want to forget of erasing, denigrating and disrespecting the non-white part of it.   The white part of humanity also has a consistent pattern of getting their noses out joint when non-whites call them on their jacked up behavior.

They also have a consistent pattern of oppressing people or groups they don't like for various reasons.

We non-white transfolks already see the difference in your reactions when it comes to a white victim of a trans hate attack versus a non-white one.    Chrissy shares your ethnic heritage, so it stands to reason the reaction would be more gut level intense than had it been the usual pattern of a Black or Latina transwoman being attacked.  

But Vanessa, reading is fundamental.   That first post wasn't even talking about race, it was talking about the bathroom predator meme and was aimed at pointing out the fact cis people commit these crimes.   But in your vanilla privileged mind, because you saw the words 'white wing conservative', you and your critics ASSumed that because this is an Afrocentric blog, it was 'attacking white peepul', and that a balanced piece couldn't come from an award winning proud African American trans writer on this issue.

So what does that say about you? 

Duck and cover, and don't look at the flash when the troll nuke explodes.. 

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