Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Kill The Maine Anti-Trans LD 1046

Now that HB 235 is dead, here's the next anti-trans bill that needs to die.   It's LD 1046, written by a freshman Republifool named Ken Fredette that seeks to overturn a favorable Maine Human Rights Commission ruling and make bathroom discrimination aimed at transpeople legal. 

If this bill does get out of the Maine Legislature, it will have a transphobic governor in Paul LePage willing to sign it.   LePage has made it quite clear he opposes trans civil rights in addition to hatin' on unions and the NAACP..

Of course the local Maine trans community is mobilizing to kill it.   If they tell us they need help, I'll be happy to provide it when they ask.    For now, let's get the word out that an anti-trans bill needs to be killed in Maine.

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