Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Sen. Williams, Your Transphobia Is Showing

In case you're wondering why I and other POC's can't stand Republicans, it's because we know from experience they have been anti-civil rights since the Dixiecrats started arriving en masse into the party starting in the 70's, and the Texas division of Republicans isn't much better especially as they have gone more right wing than the national party.

Some of you non- POC peeps are just now figuring that out.

I mentioned earlier today that Meghan Stabler and Nikki Araguz were in Austin chit chatting with state senators today about SB 723.  In addition to conversing with Democratic senators to get them to continue presenting a united front against this unjust billl, they decided to have a chat with some of the Republicans as well.

One of the Republican senators they decided to have a chat with was Sen. Tommy Williams (R-The Woodlands), the sponsor of this odious bill.

So how did it go?   Can you say they were thrown out of his office?   Thought you could.

Here's the YouTube video of it prior to them being tossed and the BS being spouted by the Williams staffer.


While I realize that there are some Republicans who resent being lumped in with their bigot wing, they will have to verify with me and other POC's they are consistent civil rights supporters before I trust them.

Our standards are much higher to gain that trust than the ones of you short time marginalized people seeing that Republicans have spent decades opposing and leading the charge against civil rights issues.of importance to POC's.

But back to Sen Williams blatant attack on trans Texans human rights.    What axe do you have to grind not only against a widow who lost her husband, but trans Texans in general? 

I also have to wonder exactly what influenced your desire to file this bill, since you had no objection in the 2009 session to the bill passing and sex change documentation becoming part of the list of approved documents for a marriage license.     

Inquiring minds wanna know.

Kill SB 723!     

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