Friday, April 22, 2011

The Bathroom Predators Are Cis People

One of the memes coming from 'white' wing opponents and the haters that are used to attack trans rights bills is that ciswomen would be in danger of violence or sexual assault if transwomen are allowed to use female restrooms like we have since 1953 without incident.

But as the following video shot at a Baltimore area McDonald's shows, they got it bassackwards.   In reality it's transwomen and our cissisters with ambiguous gender cues who have to fear for our lives and our human dignity when we visit public restrooms.   

Either we've been violently attacked by ciswomen or thrown out of bathrooms by misguided cispeople for simply needing to relieve ourselves .

The Mickey D's in question if y'all want to picket is located at 6315 Kenwood Avenue in Rosedale, MD.  The video of the April 18 assault was shot by Vernon Hackett, an employee (for now) of the McDonalds in question.

TRIGGER WARNING for this one.

Okay, What's up with trans women and McDonald's attacks? There was the July 10, 2006 Christina Sforza one in New York, then the one that happened in Memphis, now we have this one in the Baltimore 'burbs.

And you Gay, Inc peeps and short time well-to-do Maryland transwomen apologists for them wanted to compromise with Del Joseline Pena-Melnyk and the now departed EQ MD executive director Morgan Meneses-Sheets on public accommodations language in the thankfully dead HB 235? 

This is fracking why there is NO COMPROMISING on public accommodations language in trans rights bills.   It also emphatically points out that when it comes to who the real bathroom predators are, they are overwhelmingly cis people.

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