Friday, April 15, 2011

Anti-Trans SB 723 Needs To Be Stopped

In the Lone Star State we have an anti-trans bill that needs to die called  SB 723.    It seeks to frack with trans marriage rights and is scheduled to hit the Texas Senate floor on Monday.

Don't forget we have Nikki Araguz's pending marriage case with the next hearing happening on May 13, so yeah, this is an unjust bill that needs to die ASAFP.

S.B. 723 amends Section 2.005(b), Family Code, by removing "or sex change" in reference to documents acceptable in proving an applicant's identity for obtaining a marriage license.

As proposed, S.B. 723 amends current law relating to the proof of an applicant's identity and age required for the issuance of a marriage license.

To bring the bill up for consideration requires the agreement of  two thirds of the senators, and the Republifools have a 19-12 edge in the Texas Senate.   That puts them one vote short (thank God) of being able to bring it up on their own.   For Republican Senator Tommy Williams (who introduced this stank bill) to attempt to pass it means he thinks that he has at least one Democrat that will vote to bring it up.

Okay people, we need some help here.   Our best shot to kill it is on the Senate side.  If it gets out of the Senate and over to the Texas House, the GOP has a 101-49 advantage.    It will probably pass assuming it gets out of committee and Governor Goodhair will probably sign it.  . It is imperative that every trans Texan and our allies start calling the Senate Democrats immediately and let them know to "oppose SB 723."

Please call or e-mail the Democratic members of the Texas Senate immediately and tell them to stand up for fairness and kill this unjust bill

Mario Gallegos (512) 463-0106
Wendy Davis (512) 463-0110
Rodney G. Ellis (512) 463-0113
Kirk Watson (512) 463-0114
John Whitmire (512) 463-0115
Carlos I. Uresti (512) 463-0119
Juan "Chuy" Hinojosa (512) 463-0120
Judith Zaffirini (512) 463-0121
Royce West (512) 463-0123
Leticia R. Van de Putte (512) 463-0126
Eduardo A. (Eddie) Lucio, Jr. (512) 463-0127
José R. Rodríguez (512) 463-0129 

Kill this unjust bill.


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