Friday, April 29, 2011

This Ain't Stayin' In Vegas-Cosmopolitan Hotel Has Trans Bathroom Issues

It is becoming increasingly clear as we see transpeople getting attacked, hassled or arrested for simply using the bathroom that the 'bathroom predator' meme needs to be utterly attacked, debunked, ridiculed and destroyed before we end up having to memorialize a dead transperson at a TDOR near you.

The latest episode of cis people gone wild over transpeople using the restroom happened at the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas and first becomes known to us due to a hotel review website.

This transperson known as Stephanie is in Vegas for a conference.  She's enjoying a few hours at the hotel's bar and feeling the need to answer nature's call.  She uses the restroom at 4 AM Vegas time and as she exits it finds herself met by security guards, hassled and barred for life from the just opened hotel for doing so.

Of course once the word of what happened gets out to a community already in high pissivity and fed up over the revelations of other bouts of bathroom transphobia breaking out , the Cosmopolitan's FB page gets lit up with complaints to the point in which the hotel has to release a statement about it.

"The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas is committed to maintaining a community that recognizes and values the inherent dignity of every person, by fostering sensitivity, understanding and mutual respect of our guests and employees. We sincerely regret any misunderstanding or inappropriate actions that any member of our staff may have taken. And to ensure increased sensitivity within this area, the organization will focus on continued training and on-going awareness initiatives. In addition, we apologize to the individual guest and welcome her back to the resort anytime. Again, we would like to apologize to the LGBT community and anyone concerned and hope to demonstrate our firm dedication to fair and unbiased treatment of all." - The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

Umm hmm.   Well, y'all need to write that into the security guards post orders.. 

And while you're at it, are you amenable to doing some training on TBLG issues for your staff?.   Because in an age of instant communications and the mood this community is in right now, what's transphobic in Vegas won't stay in Vegas for long.

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