Saturday, April 09, 2011

Nikki Araguz Update 21-New Court Date Set

Well, have new info in this latest Nikki Araguz case update.

As you know from my last one she was recently deposed by the opposition attorneys in the case which was followed up by a snap press conference yours truly tried to make but missed (darn it) by a few minutes.

It was of course broadcast in the local media, and as usual Fox 26 did their normal slanted hack job.  If I find the video I'll post it for your perusal..

In addition there has been a court date set.   May 13  will be the next time any action takes place in the Wharton County Courthouse around this ongoing case.  

Nikki has also asked me to convey to everyone her thanks for your kind words, your support and your prayers as she continues to fight for hers and everyone else's human rights in this case.

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