Friday, May 22, 2009

Transpinay Rising

A transpinay is a transwoman of Filipina descent, whether born inside or outside the Philippines. The Manila based organization that has been a strong and vocal advocate for the rights of transpinays is called STRAP, the Society of Transsexual Women of the Philippines.

STRAP is celebrating its 4th anniversary as an organization and one of its members, Naomi Fontanos edits the PinayTG blog. It not only keeps up with events in her life, but gives you a window on what's happening as our transpinay sisters struggle to attain their civil rights in the Philippines.

This is a tribute video on STRAP's website. It reminds us (and our detractors) that we are everywhere, we are not alone or unique to certain parts of our planet. We are beautiful, talented, and intelligent women, and no matter where we live, all transpeople share the same sets of issues and drama, although at different levels.

It's also a reminder that the struggle for acceptance, love and codified civil rights coverage for transpeople around the world is an ongoing one.

Happy anniversary STRAP! May your journey toward justice be a successful one.