Monday, May 11, 2009

Speaker In Your House

One of the things I absolutely love is public speaking. I grew up being the MC of various programs at the elementary and junior high school levels, in my church, and as the co-host of a FM radio show so I'm very comfortable around a microphone.

Many of us find ourselves in our advocacy and activist work speaking in front of various crowds, be it a panel discussion on a college campus, a presentation to a group, advocating or giving testimony to legislators or other political decision makers.

Over the last two years, as my profile in the blogosphere has risen, I have increasing numbers of people who like this blog ask me via e-mail if I'm willing to speak at their events, conferences, do interviews, et cetera.

Just so we're clear on that, the answer is yes. Just e-mail me at with the dates of your event and we'll work out the details.

I love traveling, and you may end up with the TransGriot speaking in front of your group. If you're thinking about it, I need to know in enough time to coordinate my schedule and I am getting an increasing number of requests from various groups to do so.

I love speaking on college campuses as well as professional groups. So if you're wanting me there or are in the midst of planning a conference, let me know soon.

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