Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Jefferson's Transgender Episode

This episode entitled 'Just A Friend from the fourth season of 'The Jeffersons' was groundbreaking in many respects. It's the first time that an African descended transwoman character was shown on TV who didn't fit the stereotypes we all know and loathe.

It was also broadcast in 1977.

While I didn't care for the part where he tried to pass off Leroy as Edie, for the most part the episode is on point. You also have to remember at the time 'The Jeffersons' was a Top 10 rated show that many African-American homes watched.

So if they weren't aware of the trans issue affecting African descended people, they were after that broadcast.


Victoria Stuart said...

Hi Monica - It's Victoria Stuart (VictoriasJourney.com), formerly of North Carolina, now in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. (Coincidentally, I am the Chair of the Trans Alliance Society, in B.C.; transalliancesociety.org). Just wanted to say that I like your posts, appreciate your support against the de-listing (cessation) of funding for gender reassignment surgery in our neighboring province (Alberta), and that it's great to have a transwoman of color (you) who is so prominent / active! I remember watching The Jefferson's (also All in the Family) when I was a child ... so many memories. Keep up the good work! Hugs, Victoria :-)

Unknown said...

LMAO I am still cracking up, I remember this one Jamaica was glued to this sitcom every Wednesday night little did I know later I'd be an ally for this, oh boi .... one love Monica