Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy 60th Birthday, Pam Grier!

I posted last month about how much I loved Pam Grier back in the day and still do. Well, today she celebrates her milestone 60th birthday.

Yes, Pam still has it going on. She was the first sistah to appear on the cover of Ms. magazine back in the day.

Happy birthday, Pam. May you have many more.

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kid said...

Hi Monica.Now I LOVE me some Pam Grier.Before Vincent Tarrintino did his movie with her, she had that Angela Davis thing going on.In her movies her man was pretty lame.Christopher Pike could have played her man.Yes I was the one in the theater cheering when she bust a cap in a racist.Then she would go to the hospital and help her "man".What get a man out of a coma other than Pam Grier.?