Saturday, May 09, 2009

Allen Andrade Gets Additional Jail Time

TransGriot Note: Crystal Ann Gray from the GLBT Center of Colorado sent me her report of the court hearing held yesterday in Greeley, CO. It was held to determine whether Allen Andrade would get more time added to his life sentence without parole for killing Angie Zapata.

I went back to Greeley, Colorado for the final sentencing of Allen Andrade. The hearing started out with the prosecution proving that he was a habitual offender with 6 prior felony convictions. Of course, the defense tried to prove he wasn't and failed.

At sentencing, Maria Zapata spoke once again and directed most of her comments to the judge. At one point she addressed Allen Andrade and you could tell her anger. Maria, however, kept check on her feelings.

Then a friend of Monica Zapata read a statement written by her to the court which revealed her relationship with her beloved sister Angie. At the end of the statement she asked the court to send Andrade to jail for the maximum he could get so he could rot in jail. In Monica's statement she (along with her mom) stated that Andrade showed no remorse and that he probably would not remember or be remorseful towards anything he had done. Andrade did receive 60 additional years and I found out that the wheels are already spinning in the court system for an appeal on the murder 1 charge. I expect the same for the other charges.

The prosecution also made a motion to drop three charges against Andrade for assaults he was involved in the jail. The judge accepted the dropping of those charges. Another court date is to be heard on the restitution of funds to the family as victim assistance. As it is right now the prosecution is asking for over $5000.

Also, the family and supporters are having the prosecution check into to make sure that Andrade does not receive any royalties for his story of killing Angie and that if he does that it goes to the family.

Ms. Crystal Ann Gray
Volunteer Transgender Advocate
GLBT Center of Colorado

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