Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A Different World Theme Songs-Video

Since I'm still impatiently waiting for Carsey-Werner, Ventura, Viacom or whoever owns the rights to A Different World to stop stalling and release Seasons 2-6 of the show on DVD, thought I'd get the video of the three versions of the theme songs played during the six season run of the series and post them.

Season 1, composed by Dawnn Lewis sung by Phoebe Snow.

The Queen of Soul Version of the song.

The Boys 2 Men version

The excuse for not releasing the DVDs is the false assumption that A Different World doesn't have a fanbase. They came to that conclusion based on the sales of the Season 1 DVD. Hello, Season 1 sucked, seasons 2-6 didn't after it began to reflect the reality of HBCU student life.

As a bonus for you ADW lovers, I'm posting the video from the 'Homie Don't You Know Me' episode with the late Tupac Shakur in it. (damn I miss Tupac)

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Dharma Kelleher said...

I loved that show! Cree Summer (Freddie) was my favorite on that show.