Thursday, May 28, 2009

Category Closed-Goodbye Octavia

TransGriot Note: Still looking for information concerning Octavia's funeral which occurred May 26. The only thing I've been able to find so far on the Web is a comment on the Parlour magazine site from a commenter named J'alla. If I find any video, photos or other commentary elsewhere it will be attached to this post.

In the meantime, here's J'alla's description of the service.

I was able to attend the funeral and I must say, Octavia Saint Laurent’s service was just as heartfelt and larger than life as the diva herself.

From individual roses being given on cue to members of her family upon their mention during the reading of her Eulogy, a video w photos from some of Octavia’s best photo shoots to an exclusive mastered recording of Octavia singing the song “God’s Command,” that she especially made to have played at her funeral, love and fabulocity overcame the room.

Octavia’s mother, brother and sister also shared memories about Octavia and her passion for her activist work in the LGBT which shed an insightful and personal light on the performer and model.

Octavia’s funeral brought family, friends and generations of legendary children from all over the ball scene such as Kevin Aviance and many others together leaving mere standing room only.

Even in transition, Octavia looked beautiful. Dressed in pink and white and with flawless makeup, the service closed with attendees strolling to take their final views of her to the legendary ball track “Love is the Message.”

RIP Octavia Saint Laurent.

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