Thursday, May 07, 2009

Shut Up Fool! Award-Mother's Day Edition

Mother's Day is this Sunday. Hope you peeps are showering your mothers (or mother figures) with love and are treating your mothers right.

Hope you are also getting the chance to spend some quality time with the woman that brought you into the world and when you misbehaved threatened to take you out of it.

Speaking of misbehaving peeps, let's see what peeps are fools only their mothers could love and earned our illustrious award this week.

Our Fool for this week is Amy Holmes. Miss Thang has been hatin' on President Obama since last year, probably because they have similar backstories. She has a white mommy and an African daddy from Zambia who didn't stick around for her childhood either.

She asserted during the May 3 broadcast of CNN's Reliable Sources that President Obama "is the fourth least popular of the past five presidents." In fact, Gallup itself recently reported that, by two different measures, Obama's approval rating is the second highest of any president since 1969.

President Obama's approval rating according to Gallup is definitely higher than Junior's. He lost the popular vote, stole an election with the help of the conservative wing of the Supreme Court and had objects thrown at the limo during the 2001 inauguration. Junior's approval rating was 55% at this point in his misadministration and falling until 9-11.

Amy Holmes, Shut Up Fool!

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