Thursday, May 14, 2009

Supreme WMP

I've been chuckling over the whining coming from conservative white male pundits about the leading candidates being considered by President Obama for the soon to be vacant Supreme Court seat of Justice David Souter. The grousing from them has centered on the meme that he's not considering white men for the position.

Let me give you some cheese to go with that whine while I point out just how ludicrous this latest conservarant is.

Since the founding of the United States, there have been 118 people who have served as Supreme Court justices. Out of the 17 Supreme Court chief justices, all 17 have been white males.

In terms of the 118 past and present supreme court justices, only two, Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Sandra Day O'Connor have been women. Only two have been non-white,
African-Americans Thurgood Marshall and Clarence Thomas*.

Clarence gets an asterisk because his status as a Black man is questionable and his Black Like Me card has been suspended.

That means the 114 remaining people who have or currently sit on the Supreme Court have been white males. In the current composition of the Roberts Court, 7 of the 9 justices are white males, not counting 'honorary white man' Uncle Thomas.

So it's past time for some diversity to reign on the nation's highest court. We not only need a Latino/a justice, we need an Asian justice, a Native American justice and an African-American woman to counteract Uncle Thomas' self-hating bull feces.

So you conservacritics dripping with WMP need to sit down, shut up, go off in the corner somewhere and sulk while you ponder the reality that you lost.

Get over it. You had a 40 year run of implementing mean spirited policies that divided this country and a mad rush to deregulation that has jacked up our financial system and nearly bankrupted us. You got to select several supreme court justices that not only share your ethnic heritage, they care more about corporations than the American people.

Now it's time for progressive ideas, progressive policies and progressive justices to rule the day, clean up the mess y'all made and make this country one we can all be proud of again. It's also past time we had a Supreme Court that reflects the diversity of America as well.

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