Saturday, May 30, 2009

Krispy Kreme

They started in Winston-Salem NC in 1937 with a secret doughnut recipe from a New Orleans based French chef. From those humble beginnings, they expanded to become for many peeps who grew up in the South, THE doughnut.

When the 'Hot Fresh Doughnuts' sign gets lit, the stampede is on.

Everyone has a regional favorite food or guilty pleasure unique to where they grew up. You've heard me wax poetic about Blue Bell ice cream on this blog, but as a Houstonian I didn't get introduced to them until 2000.

They are Krispy Kreme doughnuts, but I call them 'Krispy Krack' because once you eat one, you won't stop until the box is empty.

I grew up on Shipley's, a local Houston chain's doughnuts. I loved them so much that when I drove back home in 2005 for my brother's wedding I hit the drive-thru and bought a dozen to eat on the long drive back to Da Ville.

One of my former flight attendant co-workers Lorna Etheridge, grew up in Charleston, SC. She was positively giddy when she heard another flight attendant mention during a conversation we were having at my gate that Houston was finally getting Krispy Kreme franchises.

One of the initial Houston franchises opened up near my old southwest side apartment on the corner of Westheimer and Dairy-Ashford Road, and I was amazed to see peeps standing in long lines at various times to eagerly devour them. Most of the peeps in line were transplants who missed their favorite doughnuts and were happily getting reacquainted with them.

One day I finally decided to see what the fuss was all about and bought two glazed ones to try, and ended up buying a dozen of them to take home.

I have a Krispy Kreme location not far from where I live here in Da Ville on Bardstown Road near the Watterson Expressway. I prefer to get them there even though they are sold at local convenience stores because they taste better when they're hot. Even if they've been sitting around for a minute, I stick them in the microwave before chowing down on them.

Don't look now, but Krispy Kreme is coming to your hood if it isn't already there. They opened their first international store in Toronto in 2001 and are expanding to other countries as well.

On that note, time for me to roll and get some. Maybe I can get there just as the 'Hot Fresh Doughnuts' light comes on.


Jason Howard Green said...

I'm from Alabama so I know all about KK donuts. When I moved to Phoenix I went through KK withdrawals because we didn't have them here. Then I heard one day they were coming to Arizona. And I became one of those people standing in the long line just dying to have one.

Gina said...

Not interested in Krispy Kreme whatsoever. If I want a doughnut, I want a fresh, cake-based doughnut (old-fashioned chocolate or maple glazed are my favs). KK (add one more K and it's the quintessential Southern icon) is too sugary to start with and becomes gross after a half-hour or so. Their chocolate doughnuts suck. We will agree to disagree on this one. A good doughnut (with a cold glass of milk) is like heaven... but that sugary abomination known as Krispy Kreme is doughnut purgatory.