Sunday, April 19, 2009

What Tami Said Podcast Appearance Today

Renee and I along with AJ Plaid from the The Cruel Secretary will be discussing the subject of Black femininity on The Best of What Tami Said podcast at 4 PM EDT today.

So if you wish to hear an informative and entertaining chat or participate in the chat room, you can either call in your questions at (646)716-4672 or surf over to the show page.

On the next installment of our Womanist Musings show that takes place on April 25 at 8 PM EDT, Renee and I will be talking to IFGE's Ethan St. Pierre and Crystal Ann Gray from the GLBT Center of Colorado about the ongoing trial of Allen Andrade, the accused killer of Angie Zapata. You can call us at (347) 326-9452 or join our chat room this weekend to ask questions of our guests or comment.

As with all blogtalkradio shows, if you can't listen live, you can always listen to it at your leisure by clicking on the link to the show website.

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genevieve said...

I'm looking forward to the next blog radio podcast.