Tuesday, April 28, 2009


If you happen to see this bumper sticker on a car, you know it belongs to a Republican.

We are rapidly approaching 100 days since the January inauguration of President Obama. His term is a hit so far with the 69 million of us who voted for him and people around the world who celebrated his election.

As far as I'm concerned November 4 will forever be for me VC Day. (Victory over Conservatism day)

It's a hit with everybody except the 59 million peeps who voted for McPalin.

Baa, I'm mean waah. But then again both terms are apropos.

People, you lost, here's the proof and we didn't have to steal the election to beat you. It was a 365 to 173 electoral college blowout. So you peeps keep on hatin' while we keep cleaning up the toxic waste left over from the Bush misadministration.

Keep letting the batturd wing of your party speak for you. You're turning off moderates left, right and center with your racist and devoid of logic rhetoric. All we have to do is something you peeps never could get a handle on, govern the country.

Your white sheets are showing because the intelligent brother with the cute kids and the smart, beautiful wife is slaying stereotypes at every turn.

The prez is repairing our standing in the world as he promised during last year's campaign and cleaning up the economic mess Junior left him. He's making the majority of Americans who voted for him very happy after living in your wannabee theocratic dictatorship for the last eight years.

So keep on hatin' President Obama. He's done far more in the last 99 days than your boy did in eight years.

If he keeps it up, 1-20-13 will dawn with his November 2012 reelection to the office and President Obama prepping for his second inauguration.

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