Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Andrade Trial-Monday Recap

TransGriot Note: Much love and deep appreciation to Crystal Ann Gray for these updates. She's observing the trial for the LGBT Center of Colorado.

Monday, April 20

Hello everyone from Greeley, Colorado.
The trial started this morning with testimony of a forensic investigator. The jury got to see more pics of Angie's battered body. He testified that the injuries were from blunt trauma and that it was a homicide.

He also testified that Angie had many fractured skull pieces on her right side along with bruising by the eyelid and eye. She also had bruising and bleeding just between the lid and the eyeball. The rest of the testimony concerned establishing the trail of receipts of the stolen debit card and also this morning was the court tape recording in which Angie was in court for her traffic citation and we heard the call JUSTIN ZAPATA on that recording. Just before lunch Angie (the former girlfriend of Andrade) was on the stand and is expected to go back on after lunch. THIS IS SOMETHING TO WATCH!!!

She is very nervous and I have already caught her in some lies. She still has feelings for Andrade and I believe that they will be playing the jail recordings between him and her. This will be an interesting afternoon. Also, the Judge on lunch break will be reviewing transcripts from the web page Mocospace that the prosecution has obtained from that site. These are from Angie. The defense is trying to say that they are hearsay and should not be admissible. We will soon find out. Court starts at 130pm. Inform you all later.

Afternoon Update

This afternoon did prove to be interesting. Before I get to that I did forget to mention that the alleged murder weapon (the missing fire extinguisher) was brought into evidence. It was found alongside the highway two months after the murder occurred. The Mocospace text from Angie's site was not allowed into evidence.

However, another ex-girlfriend of Andrade was on the stand. Her name is Felicia. She was also on recorded tapes from conversations with Andrade from jail. There are three interesting points to her testimony and tapes so far. First, she testified that Andrade when angry snaps. This would be bad except the way she said it sounded to me like it was rehearsed. After all, he spent two weeks with her after killing Angie and was the girlfriend he gave two of Angie's purses to.

Second, in the taped conversation she mentions that Andrade was on the Mocospace in the BI-SEXUAL area. Also, she asked Andrade if she had to be tested for anything (referring to STD's) and he replied that nothing ever got that far. He had claimed to have had oral sex with Angie.The agent with the Crime Lab who did DNA testing on some evidence came up with (what I believe) is a significant finding. The police sent to the lab a pink vibrator and it had a significant amount of DNA on it that belonged to Andrade. To give you some information the Agent testified that the only way to get that much DNA on the vibrator was by semen, vaginal secretions, or through anal penetration. The defense tried to say that maybe sweat on the hands could produce that much, but the Agent said very highly unlikely.

Trial starts tomorrow at 830 am with Felicia on the stand and more jailhouse tapes to listen to. The prosecution is supposed to rest their case tomorrow. Possibly in the morning.

Crystal Ann Gray
Volunteer Transgender Advocate
LGBT Center of Colorado

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