Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Andrade Trial-Tuesday Update

TransGriot Note: Crystal Ann Gray is doing trial updates for the LGBT Center of Colorado and I'm thrilled to post her commentary here on the blog. You'll get a chance to hear her and Ethan St Pierre's commentary this Saturday about the trial in Renee and I's next episode of our Womanist Musings podcast.

Tuesday, April 21

Not much has really happened of significance this morning. The rest of the jailhouse tapes were played. I almost fell asleep while they were playing.

There was testimony by several witnesses on the content of the cell phone material as far as phone calls and number of text messages. There were no actual text messages that they could retrieve. Since about 1055am there has been a witness from the Greeley PD (detective) who has been testifying about his involvement in the case. Also, they played the police interview with Andrade at the Thornton, Colorado PD. After that DVD it was time for lunch. The prosecution is to finish up today.

Afternoon Session

This afternoon testimony continued with the detective on the stand. The detective just testified about what was already known. The prosecution rested their case and the defense started theirs. Before the defense started they tried to get the first degree charge and hate crime charge thrown out. The prosecution defended themselves and told the judge that there was enough reasonable doubt for the charge to stand. THE JUDGE AGREED!!

The defense motion to get rid of the 1st degree murder charge and hate crime charge was denied. The defense then started with their witnesses which amounted to nothing. At one point there was a witness on the stand and she testified that her and Angie went to a club (trying to show she would pick up straight men). On cross examine by the prosecution they asked if the nights that her and Angie went there was LGBT night. She said yes and the prosecution asked no more questions. I heard a big sigh coming from the defense table after that.

Anyway, the jury comes back tomorrow for closing arguments which are to be done by noon. Then the jury will get food delivered for lunch and will start deliberation.

Meanwhile, the judge and the 2 sides are working on a 30 page instruction sheet for the jury. I will be back there at 8am and will keep you updated throughout the day as much as possible.

Crystal Ann Gray
Volunteer Transgender Advocate
LGBT Center of Colorado

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