Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Dear Haters

Dear Haters,
You have many names, but you nattering nabobs of negativity gorging yourself on Hateraid and Hater Tots know who you are.

I occasionally monitor your blogs to see what you're up to and get a good laugh out of it. When I read your lame attacks I consider myself in good company.

I remind myself that throughout world history there were people blessed with visionary foresight and thinking who were similarly denigrated for simply wishing to do the right thing and expand civil rights coverage for their people while educating others about the mutual intersectionality of the issues involved.

While I'm not claiming to be in the class of a W.E.B. DuBois, a Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr or an Audre Lorde, I'm on this Earth at this particular time and blessed with specific talents. I believe I need to give it my best efforts to help accomplish the task of integrating transgender people in society's mainstream while you peeps on the wrong side of the moral arc of history keep wandering in the swamp of privilege fueled ignorance.

I'm not going to be sidetracked by your snide comments, your faith-based ignorance, racism, and mind boggling stupidity just because it makes you feel more like a man or a woman to do so.

I don't have time, nor will I waste precious positive energy jousting with you. I have a blog to build, people to educate on transgender issues, a community to uplift and positive people to interface with who do wish to learn and grow as human beings.

Have a blessed day,
The TransGriot

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