Friday, April 10, 2009

Installing IntenseDebate

Because of the negativity that has recently intruded my cyberhome, I decided to go ahead and install the IntenseDebate commenting system in order to better manage the comments.

I thank my regular commenting family for coming in for the last several years and creating some stimulating debate on the various topics I post here. But there are fools who basically want to turn discussions into WWE wrestling matches, especially since I tackle topics that don't neatly fit with their worldview, and I'm tired of it.

My increasing profile and attention across the Net will only ensure that those troll infestations will increase, not decrease, so I've taken this step to ensure this blog remains a space in which intelligent discourse will continue to reign.

To comment on TransGriot from this point, you'll either have to use your OpenID or register with IntenseDebate before it allows you to post a comment. It also has some cool features as well as the ability to rate a commenter.

I've had the chance to observe it on other blogs I regularly comment on and I think you'll enjoy the enhanced experience as well. I also apologize for any inconvenience the switch may cause in order for us to continue to have substantive conversations here.

1 comment:

Michelle said...

WOW I have been reading your blog for about maybe 3 or 4 months now. I am extremely happy that I found it. It has been a very eye opening experience for me to learn things I wasn't even aware of was happening. Keep your head up. I tend to stay far far away from the RADFEM universe the hate speech that is thrown around is out of control.