Friday, April 17, 2009

Shut Up Fool! Awards-Post Taxing Edition

It's two days after April 15th, and the fallout from the right wing hate on Obama fest is still reverberating throughout the media and the blogosphere.

Here in Da Ville we're gearing up for Thunder Over Louisville, the massive fireworks show that kicks off the two week long Kentucky Derby Festival that's a prelude to the Kentucky Oaks and Derby horse races.

Speaking of horses, let's see what fool made himself or herself look like a horse's posterior and earned this week's Shut Up Fool! Award.

There were plenty of candidates thanks to the teabagging parties, but the fool who distinguished himself is my former governor Rick Perry.

Governor Goodhair played to the batshit wing of the party and mentioned the s-word in two separate interviews. Okay, didn't Texas try the secession route in 1861 when it joined the Confederacy and it was a miserable failure?

There's a reason why we didn't let Aggies near the governor's chair, and after this term an Aggie probably won't get within sniffing distance of the chair again for a while after you're mercifully gone from the governor's mansion.

We'll also have to conduct an exorcism after the way you and George W have desecrated the place since 1994.

Rick Perry, shut up fool!

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