Monday, April 13, 2009

Lighting A Candle For Angie

Angie Zapata was an 18 year old transwoman who was brutally killed in her Greeley, CO apartment in July 2008.

The trial of her alleged killer Allen Andrade will be starting on Tuesday, and like all peeps who wish to see justice done in this case I will not only be covering the case, Renee and I will be talking about it on our upcoming April 25 podcast.

In the interim, please give the Zapata family as much love and prayerful support as you can over the next two weeks. The Colorado transgender community is also gearing up to ensure that justice is done and give the Zapata family the support as they need in this difficult time.

You can also check out or GLAAD's webpage as well. Now that the federal hate crimes bill has been filed, you can call your local congressmember or senator and urge them to pass it as well.

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