Sunday, April 03, 2011

WPATH Statements On Several Important Trans Issues

TransGriot Note: In case you're wondering what is WPATH's stance on some of the issues impacting trans people, they haven't exactly been twiddling their thumbs as we have been fighting around the world for human rights coverage.   They have made their positions clear about several issues of concern to us.

June 16, 2010    (Identity Documents)

The Board of Directors of the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH), in the interest of the health and well-being of transgender and transsexual people world-wide, issued today, 16 June 2010, the following identity recognition statement:
No person should have to undergo surgery or accept sterilization as a condition of identity recognition.  If a sex marker is required on an identity document, that marker could recognize the person’s lived gender, regardless of reproductive capacity.  The WPATH Board of Directors urges governments and other authoritative bodies to move to eliminate requirements for identity recognition that require surgical procedures.

May 26, 2010  (De-Psychopathologization of Gender Variance)

The WPATH Board of Directors strongly urges the de-psychopathologisation of gender variance worldwide. The expression of gender characteristics, including identities, that are not stereotypically associated with one’s assigned sex at birth is a common and culturally-diverse human phenomenon which should not be judged as inherently pathological or negative. The psychopathologlisation of gender characteristics and identities reinforces or can prompt stigma, making prejudice and discrimination more likely, rendering transgender and transsexual people more vulnerable to social and legal marginalisation and exclusion, and increasing risks to mental and physical well-being. WPATH urges governmental and medical professional organizations to review their policies and practices to eliminate stigma toward gender-variant people.”

May 25, 2010  (DSM V)

The WPATH Board of Directors and the Chairs of the DSM Consensus Building Process Work Group of the World Professional Association for Transgender Health, would like to thank all those who contributed their expertise to draft our formal response to the proposed DSM 5 Criteria for Gender Incongruence.

To view WPATH’s response, please click on this link.

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