Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Why Is 'Errbody' Wearing Purple Today?

If you were wondering why there was an explosion of people wearing purple today and you were not in the Twin Cities on a Viking game day or watching a Washington Huskies game, there's a reason for it.

Today was designated as the day that the TBLG community and our allies would wear purple to rememeber all of our kids who have died at their own hands due to anti LGBT bullying.

On the rainbow flag the community flies, purple represents Spirit.    Wearing purple is a reminder to the BTILG kids out there to find that spirit within them and know that they aren't alone.  Times will get better and  you will meet people who'll love and respect you for the wonderful person you are.

Besides, your best revenge is to live a better quality life than your tormentors. 

On this day I'm thinking about and I'm with our kids in spirit.   I'm standing in solidarity as someone who was once bullied with all kids gay, straight and trans who deal with the nightmare of bullying and the parents who ceaselessly fight to be advocates for their kids to put a stop to it.  

It's time for our adult legislators in Washington D.C. and our fifty state capitals to stop acting like children, recognize that it's a problem that's killing our kids, affecting their ability to learn and pass the legislation necessary to deal with it.

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