Saturday, October 30, 2010

I Want Candy (Corn)

Since Halloween is rapidly approaching, I've already rode down to CVS and Walgreen's and stocked up on candies I can pass out to the kids that do show up on my doorstep tomorrow night.  

While I'm waiting for the adorable girls and ghouls to show up in their costumes with bags in hand, in addition to my obligatory pint of Blue Bell, I'll have a few bags of candy corn standing by for my personal consumption.

While I love chocolate in all its forms, when I have a taste for it I can't get enough of candy corn.   My love for it however runs in cycles.  

The last time I ate some of it was during the move, when I bought a bag of it during a fuel stop in Hammond, LA   I destroyed it before we left Tangipahoa Parish.  

I may go a few months without even thinking about it or walk past it while I'm grabbing bags of Hershey's kisses or whatever chocolate du jour I'm feeling at that moment.  But when I get a taste for it, I'm scarfing it up in mass quantities for at least two weeks, and just as suddenly as the craving for it came, it's gone.

But my craving for it is back, and just in time for Halloween.

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