Sunday, October 03, 2010

Texas Dem Legislators Refiling Dignity For All Students Act

I know some of y'all outside the Lone Star State's borders look for any excuse to irrationally hate on Texas since your anger with Junior's misadministration runs deep.

News flash for y'all:  There are liberal-progressive politicians in Texas, and not just in Austin.   

In the wake of middle school student Asher Brown's suicide, Texas State Reps. Garnet Coleman (D-Houston) and Jessica Farrar (D-Houston) released a joint statement on Friday announcing their intention to once again file the Dignity for All Students Act when the 2011 Texas Legislature comes into session in January, saying that “recent news reports have highlighted the necessity for such legislation.”

 "Every student has the right to a public education, and every student has the right to a safe learning environment," said Rep. Coleman.  'My heart breaks for Asher Brown and his family, and every victim of bullying that has to go to school in fear.   I have filed this bill every legislative session since 2003.  It is high time that we passed this bill before any more children are bullied to suicide or life changing emotional stress."  

'There are too many painful stories and tragic endings," said Rep. Farrar. "When schools turn a blind eye towards discrimination and harassment, we have failed.  The Dignity For All Students Act will help set a tone in Texas that no type of discrimination will be tolerated in this state.  

The Dignity for All Students Act would prohibit discrimination and harassment in public schools on the basis of ethnicity, color, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, disability, religion or national origin.  It would also prohibit discrimination based on association with a person, and protects both the parents of students and whistleblowers who may report incidents of discrimination or harassment.

Here's hoping that when the 82nd Texas Legislature gets cranked up for business that the long needed law finally passes and whoever is governor signs it..

I think it'll have a better chance of becoming law with a Gov. Bill White in office than Rick Perry.

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